Quick Route to Curl Definition

About 2 years into my journey, I was needing a change, something new. So I searched the Internet for how-to for natural hair. I stumbled upon this video. The first time I tried this technique I did not achieve the desired results but today I decided to try again. This time the results were fantastic. Its a super easy technique and not as time consuming as others. You experience little to no shrinkage. Your hair is not stiff, your curls will blow in the wind.

Youtube.com has a great wealth of how to videos. This is one of my favorites, technique and author. Ms. Buttahfly also has make-up instructional videos (see her channel).

Disclaimer: Natural Hair Rules is featuring this video for technique purposes only. NHR does not recommend featured hair products. Everyones hair is different, so consult your own product closet for a conditioner/gentle cleansing agent, moisturizer, curl aid/styling product.

Products I Used: The Original Fragrance Shop Hair Pudding as Co-wash conditioner, Shea butter as moisturizer and IC Fantasia Gel as curling/styling product. My hair is very thick so I blow dried with a diffuser for about 10-20 min (to farther reduce chances of shrinkage).

Try It. Test it out yourself. You may not get the desired results the first time. Don't be a afraid to try again and tweak the technique/products to suit your hair type, thickness and length. (Dividing into smaller sections helped me.) Note: To optimize overall curl defintion limit the use of product and practices that will dry out your hair. See Curly Girl Method, No More Shampoo and Curl Definition.

My Results. Still needs a little tweeking. But a overall cute results.


  1. Doesn't look too complicated. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hey Tamra! Thanks for posting this. My 5 inch - super thick hair shrinks down to about 2 inches and it takes too long for me to do a full twist-out now. Think I may give this one a try. How many sections or twists were required for the results you got?

  3. hello--i am about 1 1/2 years natural. i am growing out my perm...I can not wait to try this out when all the perm is gone... :) thanks for posting!

  4. Tori,

    Its been a while. I think I did the 4 cross sections and did about 3 or 4 braids in those sections. To really optimize your length set under a hood dry or blow dry with a diffuser for about 20 min.

  5. Ophelia Miller Boutique,

    Its super easy. Thanks for visiting my blogspot.

  6. This does look easy but my hair doesn't look like that after I wash it...

    My hair may be a bit more coarse but when the perm grows out I wanna try this as well!!!

    Great blog

  7. Thanks for sharing this important information on how to style a natural hair :)
    I usually use the jamaican coconut natural grease (twisting and locking) do the double strands and let them out..it usually works nice...I think I will give this one a try.
    thanks again!

  8. I am wondering have you used the product advertised on the site called Diva Smooth? If so, does your hair get straighter with each application? I used to use texturizers which would start out looking great but after the 3rd month would be stringy. Have you had any experiences like that with the product?

  9. great video! Natural Oasis does smell good.
    question for ya- how do you sleep and what about the next day? do you oil and pull it out or wet it? thanks~

  10. Said...
    Do you mean sit under the dryer while it's twisted or after it's out?