Curl Definition

  • Curl Definition

    - Blow dryer with Diffuser or hood dryer
    - Denman brush optional
    - Leave-in Conditioner
    - Creamy Moisturizer (Shealoe)
    - Hair Oil

    • Cleanse hair as usually with creaming cleansing or conditioner in the shower. (Shampoos can cause frizzness)
    • Condition hair with your favorite conditioner. Rinse hair but do not rinse all the conditioner out.
    DO NOT towel dry, ring or shake excess water out (depending on hair length) allow to drip dry.
    • Be Careful not to disturb the natural curl pattern.
    • Apply leave-in conditioner from root to tip. Apply moistururizer in the same way.
    • Style as desired
• Optional: lightly dab ends of hair with 100% Cotton Cloth* or paper towel.
• To minimize curl shrinkage seat under the hair dryer or blow dry with diffuser.
• To get the full length of your hair you can stretch out section and apply heat by blow dryer no need for the diffuser for this.
• Carefully apply a glosser in hair or spray oil sheen**.
*Sometimes I use a plain t-shirt.

The posted video is from and I recommend the technique used in the video.


  1. This is an AWESOME how-to video! There are some really great techniques in it that I haven't seen before. Can't wait to try it - hope it helps with my shrinkage.

  2. That is absolutely lovely... So is this what a wash n go is?

  3. i love it! that's what i do regularly!