My Natural Hair Journey

This is my natural hair timeline thus far...


This is me before the BiG ChOp. I tried to transition. Matter of fact I went perm less for about 5 months. Here I got a really good Chi. (I know I look high in this picture. I'm not.) Aug. 2006


This is a month after the BiG ChOp. I really didn't know what to do with my hair so I would just straw set it every week. Nov. 2006

Ok. I wanted something different so I got the front braided and the back blown out. Mar. 2007


I finger coiled my hair with Twist and Lock Gel. Oh Look at my handsome husband with his Half Black/Somalian self. Apr. 2007


This was Easter that's why all the drama! Finger coils with Twist and Lock. Apr. 2007


A few months before this picture I went to have the rest of my relaxed hair cut off and the lady completely bald me. This is after my hair grew back a little. Thats my honey again. Jun. 2007

Tamara Floyd.jpeg

I decided to let the color grow out. I did flat twist or plaits to the scalp and took it down when it was dry to achieve this look. Aug. 2007


To get a spiral/waving look I two strand twisted the hair into medium size plaits. After it was dry I took it down and pined up the sides. Sept. 2007

Wow! i Just Realized how fast my hair grew. This is a longer version of flat twist taken down. Dec. 2007

Flat twist again. I don't know why this came out different. I think I used a different product. Kinky curly instead of Twist and Lock. Jan. 2008

Back view of curls
This is my first press since going natural. Look at those layers their natural too. Apr. 2008

Dry Wrap

This is the next day after wrapping it the night before. Apr. 2008


This is my afro puff. May 2008

Last Final Celebrations 002

Finger coils again but this time with length. I love this style it stays cute for up to two weeks. May 2008


I finally mastered the wash n go! It only took 2 years. Aug. 2008

Profile pix

This is my birthday shot. I did two strand twist and rolled on rods and took down when dry. It turned out so cute. Ok so I guess the formal name for it is the 'Twist n Curl' Nov. 2008


This is my second press. More pictures of Press Nov. 2008


This is my wash n go after wearing it straight for a week. Nov. 2008

This is my Curly Puff. Dec. 2008


Curly Nikki Twist n Curl Jan. 2009


I was protective styling w/ two strand twist Feb. 2009


Define your Curls the Quick Way April 2009


Wash n Go May 2009


Wash n Go Afro puff Aug. 2009


Wash n Go with mousse vs. gel. I like the mousse better. Sept. 2009


Pined up one side Nov. 2009


My third press Nov. 2009 See more Pictures Here

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  1. Wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing!

    I began my natural hair journey in August 2007. I wore braids for quite a while since I run a lot. I finally did the big chop this past summer.

    So far, I have tried the comb coils and two strand twists. I am hoping my hair will grow longer.

  2. Your hair is fabulous!!! Now I'm jealous, I want my hair back!! Simply gorgeous! I'll make sure I add you to my blogroll.

  3. wow such lovely hair! keep it up girlfriend! x

  4. You have beautiful hair and it grows very fast! Thanks for stopping by my spot. Don't be a stranger :o). I'm adding your blog to my blogroll. Take care!

  5. I absolutely love your hair pics!
    I sooo want my wash and go's to look like yours do! And as for those peacock-feather looking earrings, I am so jealous. lol.... you say that you've mastered the wash and go... do you have any tips for me? thanks so much!

    oh and uhmmm i've never posted a comment and I don't have a blog sooo i'm not really sure how this is going to work... hmmmmmm.

  6. Selah,

    I don't know if you will get this but I cover some tips for the perfect wash n go in "curl definition" post. You can also email me.

  7. Thanks!

    *off to the curls definition post* lol

  8. Wow, those hair pics are gorgeous! Love the blog.

  9. Ghurl - I am drooling! What beautiful hair shots. Gonna try your wash n-go tips when I go on vacay in a couple of weeks.

  10. Okay now you are going to have to tell me how to master the wash and go look.

  11. Hi Tamara,

    I really like your blog. I have locs, but I enjoy your blog, not only because you are celebrating natural hair, but because I have daughters with big curly hair. I am still in the process of tyring to find products that will work for them. So your blog will be helpful. Your hair is beautiful by the way - a true inspiration. I highlighted your blog on my own natural hair blog. I hope this is ok? Check it out when you can -

    Thank you!


  12. Wonderful! I am glad to have a new source of great information.


    P.S. Your post has been updated. Thanks again.

  13. love your twist and curl...heck all of them! thanks for sharing...

  14. Cute Hair. But Its taking me a long mastering 2 starnd twists,any tips?

  15. How do you actually do your finger coils?

  16. I am sure you are using some herbal products on your lovely hair. Nice Pics!

  17. Your hair is absolurtely beauiful. I would like to talk to you about the products that you used. I have been natural now for almost 2 years, however, I have been wearing braids, weaves, and kinky twist. I am at a point where I just want to let my natural hair shine.

  18. You are my inspiration! I have been working on going natural since February! Lately I have gotten very tired of my hair and keeping it braided so I can have enough natural hair to cut off the relaxer and still have some length. When I get frustrated I look at your journey and keep myself motivated!

  19. Thank you so much for this blog. I finally made friends with my hair two weeks ago.After years of braids,weaves and wigs from every mail catalog in the free world I decided to love my natural hair.Would you be able recommended any natural hair magazines I can use as a point of reference.


  20. thanks so much for posting the names of these styles with your pictures! You wear it well, keep up the Journey!

  21. Gurl such motivation!!!! At times I get weak and want to perm my hair. I have been keeping it braided in micros. I wash and condition it every week. Thanks for the continous updates on your hair. It is as naturally beautiful as you!

  22. So I'm transitioning from permed to natural. I've been without a perm for about 3 months. I've worn it in braids and thinking about the big chop, but I don't know if my hair will grow back or how I would look with the it all off. Can someone give me advice on good products to use for shampooing and conditioning my hair, because I want my hair to look naturally beautiful. Not only that I don't want it to look dry and brittle and I want it to continue to grow when I do take the braids out. Any advice?? Thanks!

  23. Your hair is beautiful!!! i'm looking forward to my journey. I did my big chop Feb.12th.

  24. Your hair is so pretty! I honestly look at your journey when I get distraught and say to myself stick it through cause this can be you. I love it!!!!

  25. Your hair is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  26. I am definitely inspired by your blog to keep going, I haven't had a relaxer in about 5 months and so anxious to get rid of all this relaxed hair on the ends.

  27. I loved all your pics. What heat protector do you use when you hair is straight, I would not want to effect my curl pattern.

  28. I like. Very motivating. Love your curl definition and styles

  29. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!! OMG! I'm making my big chop next week and I'm so excited! {PS Girl you look like you're getting younger in your pictures what's your secret?? lol}

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  31. beautiful jus beautiful!! this site is the bomb! and there are a lot of youtube videos that can help as well with transitioning and natural hair styling.. thank God for all the wonderful vloggers and bloggers who put it all out there for our benefit!! God bless you all...

  32. You're hair is absolutely gorgeous!! It's so refreshing to see so many naturals out there looking to inspire others who are newly natural or looking to go natural. I love your blog! Keep up the good work.

  33. i want to go natural but scared of the BIG CUT, how can i go natural without doing the BIG CUT so soon

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  35. I notice some of the lady's have color in their hair. Is there a coloring product for natural hair? I was told that my hair wouldn't grow well with color in it.

  36. I notice some of the lady's have color in their hair. Is there a coloring product for natural hair?

  37. How do you pre poo? Do you just saturate your hair with Coconut oil, and let it sit on for a few minutes then rinse out, and then wash your hair?

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