Denman Brush

The Denman Brush is the greatest tool ever for natural and transitioning hair. And can be found at most beauty supply stores including Sally's.

-Denman Brush

This unique brush is great for styling, detangling and smoothing hair shaft to avoid frizz. Most use this tool in defining natural curl or wave pattern. It also works well for making neat Afro puff or ponytails. For those transitioning to natural this brush helps to detangle those stubborn roots for more manageable styling.

New!!! I found a new usage for this magical tool. So I pressed my hair for Thanksgiving, this brush is great for wrapping your hair for bedtime.


  1. Yes, I must agree this is a really good brush. Perfect detangler.

  2. I would also agree! I'm in love with this brush! I heard that Goody makes a similar brush rendering the same results, haven't checked it out yet though!

  3. I've heard great things about this brush. I'm so curious about it but I'm brush-o-phobic! LOL! I haven't used one in probably 9 years!

  4. I am 100% natural and at 40 years young I am still tenderheaded...and I do not regret one penny I spent on my denman brush. I really love using it to tame my hair. Better than any brush or comb I have ever used while rocking the naturals! I don't use it very much to detangle but more so I use it in place of a comb. Does my hair good...pass it on!

  5. U've heard great reviews about this brush too.
    I've bought the Sephora detangling brush which is fine too!
    I made a blog post about it^^
    If you would like to read it^^

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  7. where do you ladies get this? I cant seem to find it in Jamaica. Any online sites? I got lost on the original denman site because there are so many variations lol.