Natural Hair Mediation

So today I looked in the mirror and despised her. We have a love/hate relationship. She's wild and opinionated. Our arguments determine how I feel about myself and how the rest of my day goes. I know she loves me. I mean look at all I do for her, the money I spend on her. But she's never satisfied. She is swayed by the weather. And when its a gloomy, humid day; you can forget about getting any act right out of her.

But I love her because she is me. No, she doesn't dictate or define who I am but she is the perfect accessory. She accentuates my beauty and my personality. She only adds to the woman, God made me to be. I am not her but she is me. She is because I am.

I nurture and care for her because if I don't she will surely fall like leaves from a tree. I will never say I can't do or handle her because I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me. I'm fearfully and wonderfully made. I'm perfection because I was made by a perfect being and so is SHE.

To be natural is a gift. It takes courage to unmask yourself. It takes guts to expose your naked being to the world. We live in a society where few can step outside with their own. They cover it up. Thet alter the state because it doesn't meet the standard of "good" in their eyes. All that God creates is good. Who are we to qualify bad and good.

Why are we so eager to change an image that God created as His own? We revert back to the Garden of Eden and hide our nakedness from God and the world. We make excuses and complain about the naturalness or nakedness of being exposed.

Don't hide behind the fig leaves, that is your hair. But embrace all that God created you to be. If your prefect accessory is nappy, kinky, curly and/or wave be completely who God has created you to be. Get to know the real you! Become acquainted with the true you. If you can learn yourself as God's creation on the outside, you will embrace the woman of God on the inside.


  1. That's so beautiful! I definitely can relate to this article!

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  3. Awesome post! It is so true and on point.

  4. God Bless you for posting this. I was having an argument with my hair this morning. I almost gave up and considered processing my hair. But, afer reading this I am encouraged and motivated to say to my hair, "okay..let's try this again tomorrow morning." Thanx!

  5. I needed to hear that today. I was hating my hair. Thanks for the support.

  6. Great post a sista needed to hear that. FIYA

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