Here's a Tip!

My natural ladies there is no need to detangle or comb hair daily. But when you do Never Detangle dry hair! African American hair is natural porous and lose moisture fast. Hair is more manageable in a state of extreme moisture or when wet. So take your time. Part the wet hair in sections. Keep the hair that not being comb through in a hair clip or elastic pony tail holder. With a wide tooth comb, comb the hair in small section until entire head is detangled. This process also works for combing through product.


  1. I learned this recently and it really works.

    Question - what about retwisting nightly....I should comb through it, but I plan to use a shea butter and coconut oil cream to set the that it?

  2. I never comb out my twist for retwisting at night. I just retwist with a jell or hair butter.