Denman Brush Is it Worth it!!!


I know you’ve heard mixed reviews about the

Denman Brush. But this unique brush is a permanent

part of my
hair arsenal which is constantly evolving. In

this review, I will take the time to address a few of the

concerns associated with this hair tools.

Why I Recommend the Denman Brush?

This brush is made to glide through curly hair to detangle and define curls. Its gentle on hair. The nylon bristles are medium in size and do not snag hair like traditional bristle brushes. It’s durable. I’ve had my brush for about 3 years now and haven't had to replace it. It’s fully intact. Denman brushes more hygienic compared to other detangling/styling tools. The anti-static rubber pad is made to slide out of the brush handle. Each row of bristles are easily removed for a more thorough cleaning and re-inserted just as easily. But don’t worry even with easy disassembly for more effective cleaning, this brush is still very sturdy. The rubber pad will not slide while styling curly or kinky hair.

Where the Mixed Reviews Come From?

Price: The Denman brush can range from $5-15. But its worth it! Durable and hygienic!!!

Availability: Where can I get this brush? Sally’s Beauty Supply store for about $8

Type: They come in 5 Row (5 rows of bristles) D14, 7 Row (7 rows of bristles) D3 and 9 Row (9 rows of bristles) D4. I recommend 7 Row D3. If you have fine hair and desire a little extra body, try 9 Row.

The Denman brush is long term investment for your hair and if used properly your hair will love you for it.

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  1. This is great info. What about "knock-off" Denman Brushes? Do they work as good as the authentic ones? Does it matter if you get an actual Denman brand brush?

  2. I have one of these. I now use it for just detangling. It's great.