Hairspiration- Charmaine G.

I saw this natural beauty and I had to stop. This cutie's name is Charmaine. Not only did I notice her gorgeous complexion but her round short fade cut. I, myself wouldn't even have the courage to attempt this looks so I asked her why did you decide to big chop? And to keep it so short?

Charmaine responded "Honesty I cut my hair because it was way easier and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to taking care of my hair. The price of maintenance has gone way down and I don't have worry about a track slipping or my braids coming undone. All I do is wake up and go. A trip to the barber about every 2 to 3 week is all I do. I even bought a pair of mini clippers to keep the back and sides neat. I just thank God that my head looked OK faded!"

Just that simple!!!


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  2. I know this article was a while ago, but I have a friend who models with a low cut. She was always beautiful but I guess the hair cut set her off because she started modeling a lot after the hair cut. She's fabulous. Below is a link to her facebook page. I got her permission before I posted this. She perusing through your website now as we speak :-).!/eva.range