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Me and my #naturalhair are having quite the love affair.  Since July 5, 2010 I’ve been wearing my *gasp* NATURAL HAIR OUT sans weave, wigs, braids etc. Verdict: I’m loving it.

After deciding to go natural back in 2006, me and my hair have been on an emotional rollercoaster.  I just couldn’t seem to trust it on its own. The thought of having a TWA?!?  Nah SON! So I hid it under braids, weaves and wigs…and it responded with breakage, breakage, more breakage, sprinkle in some bad haircuts and hairdressers, then finally folliculitis!!! That was the last straw.  If I was going to make this natural thing work, I had to get serious about our relationship.  I couldn’t keep stepping out with weaves, braids and wigs and then expect it to do what I wanted it to do…lol sound familiar fellas?

Natual Hair 2 Me and my Natural Hair are having quite the love affair.

I’ve stalked fotkis, natural hair blogs and youtube videos. Dreamed of the products I would use, literally stopped and questioned every natural I’ve seen until I finally realized that they may have some answers but I’ll never see my own hair’s potential until I stop hiding it and actually get to know and love it.

Since unveiling my hair I’ve had questions looks and anything else you can think of.  One person asked me if I was African.  I was rocking a pretty fly sarong and I wasn’t offended.  I am African lol.  I really don’t care what other people think because I know that I don’t want to wear weaves or braids to have pretty hair. The hair that grows out of my head IS BEAUTIFUL.

I’m not sure if other women have had the same struggles with their natural hair but I hope that my sordid lack of appreciation turned genuine LOVE for my natural hair can help someone!


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  1. Natural hair is hard for some black women to deal with. I just turned fifty and I have had my hair natural for about 5 years. You have to know who you are as a woman to do natural hair. So many sisters and brothers are not ready for the truth about who we are physically. I am who I am. Black men love "fake hair." TV still shows the woman with long straight hair as the "beautiful one." So, for single black women, that is a challenge. I love taking a shower and putting some moosue in my hair and leaving out the door. My hair won't be "messed up, and I can get wet in the rain. I feel free.

  2. Ditto. I absolutely love my hair and I love our adventures and getting to know her. My hair is beautiful!

    I just did the big chop. Reality hit me about how bad perms were for me when looking at the floor after the chop and seeing not much hair there... smh. Now my hair hasn't been happier and healthier.