Frizz is Not the Enemy

 As a natural woman, I loathe frizz. For me, my hair is usually perfect except for the front which usually transforms into a “hot frizzy mess”. The front of my hair that isNatural Hair advice more wavy than curly tends to frizz quickly while the rest of my hair remains intact. From my experience with different styling techniques and products, I have come to  the realization that frizz is not the enemy but your hair’s indication that some very simple changes should be made minimize frizz. Frizz is a sign that:

1. Hair needs more moisture.

2. Its time to clip hair ends.

3. Hair is damaged.

4. Products are drying the hair.

5. Styling techniques are leaving the hair shaft unsmooth and unmanageable.

In some cases, in climate with extreme humidity for instance it is almost impossible to avoid a little bit of frizzness but it can be minimized by using some of the techniques in the following post: Frizz

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