Men, Locs & Corporate America

  malcolm-jamal-warnerAs a lover of all things natural, I found it interesting that many African American males who wear or wore locs felt the need to shave their hair in efforts to conform to “Corporate America” standards of acceptability.  I believe we all know that brothers that had incredible long, well groomed locs but in pursuit of a job felt it deemed necessary to cut his hair.  I have challenged the myth that natural styles are unprofessional for women (Read Here for More) but are men the exception to the rule.  On the Natural Hair Rules!!! Facebook page, I asked this question of men with natural hair: Is it true that men with locs are less likely to be taking seriously as a job applicant?  In response to this question with have Houston natural hair specialist, Marcus Alexis who also wears locs.

Marcus Alexis of Nature’s Course response

I was just approached about this the other day. A friend of mine stated that 'locs were unprofessional. As a natural hair stylist, I told him that we have very professional clientele (engineers, doctors, etc) that have 'locs and come in to get their hair maintained on a regular basis. However, if the applicant doesn't make it their intention to keep clean, maintained hair then I can understand why employer are leering about hiring. Anyone that can not take care of their personal hygiene, in accordance to normal customs, needs not to be hired.

Yet, at the same time I refuse to cut my hair for any job, where my hair has nothing to do with the safety and job requirements. I have worked quite a few jobs (part time) and have not had any major issue's about my hair in obtaining a job. There are times when hiring companies have tried to play that card during the interview, but I just reiterate that this is my "natural" hair. There is no reason that I need to readjust my hair to fit your misconceived notions.
Yet, the real issue lies in that most African-Americans and minorities find 'locs more unprofessional then those of the majority. That in itself is SICKENING to me...


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