Tribute to Natural Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day.  Natural Hair Rules salutes all mothers especially those who exhibit natural beauty personified.

020 My 3 yrs old daughter, Shayla, inspired me to give going natural another try. After two previous failed attempts, she opened my eye to feeling free about my hair again. As you know, in the African-American community we like our little girls with a bunch of balls, ribbons, and barrettes. I was putting her hair in millions of ponytails or braids, anything that would keep me from having to do her hair everyday. But, around the time she turned 2, she started to want to wear her fro more or in puffs. I just thought she didn't want to get her hair done and I was getting tired of reviving it everyday, but she really likes the natural look. When we're out she only points out other women with "fros like me!" as she would say. Her face looks different when she smiles with her fro like she knows who she is, and I had to be a part of that. I believe to better understand her hair, although we have different textures, I have to understand my hair in it's natural state. So as of 12-8-09 both my daughter and I are natural and never looking back. I don't want her going through all the roller coasters I went through with my hair, so hopefully she will never have the need to change her natural hair because I will so miss the way her face looks with her fro!!! Pictured Ebony & Daughter, Shayla.


Yes, I went natural for my daughter.  Or shall I say mostly yes.   Before I became a parent to a 3.5 year old little girl I wanted to work through my hair issues.  I had been relaxing for 35 years.  I had asked a few hair dressers to help me transition but every single one said that look would not look good on me or my hair grade was too coarse, etc. etc.  It wasn't until I started graying and the combination of the dye and relaxer caused my hair to thin that I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I began transitioning after my last relaxer in April 2008.  I did my BC in August 2008.  I am so glad I did.  The mental journey was more pronounced but I have worked through many of my issues/fears and remain natural nearly two years later.  My daughter is none the wiser.  She accepts her hair and mine.  It was a very smart decision to go natural. Picture Dawn & Daughter.



23986_116053055088403_100000511288101_212613_3872806_s[1] I'm a newly natural woman. I got the big chop when my daughter who is almost 4 months, was 9 days old. I wanted to be the the most positive person for her and the only way I can do that for her is by being that. I knew that my natural self was beautiful and I want her to know that....she is sooo beautiful!!! I don't want her to ever think that she has to alter herself to fit someone’s else unrealistic ideal of what a "beautiful black woman" is. Oh my goodness! It was soooo liberating. I love my natural hair and am so inspired by it. I am also a college student and a Medical Assistant, I am finishing up my Associates Degree and will be obtaining my Bachelors at an HBCU. I currently live in Dayton, Ohio but am geared up to travel after I finish school.

Angela & Daughter


Thank you ladies for all that you do and sharing your story. Many Blessings.


Creator of Natural Hair Rules!!!

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