Just in Time for the Summer

85196039_full The Original Fragrance has a wide array of all-natural, light hair moisturizers for the summer. These products are infused with essential oils which add to the beneficial qualities of the natural shea butter and provide invigorating fragrances. These products will energize and awaken your senses with every summer breeze. You can’t beat these prices many of the items are less than $20 and even some for less than $5. You know I’m a frugalista even when it comes to my product jones. For a complete list of products, please visit The Original Fragrance Shop.

Read more about protecting your hair in the summer months.

Battling Frizz

Summer Must Have

Summer Summertime

Leave It In & Let It Be 8 oz $8.00
This leave in conditioner can be used in daily grooming. It is very light and helps to stop breakage!
Ingredients: spring water, kosher glycerin, precious oils and mango lime fragrance
* Shake before application to evenly distribute*

Curl Souffle' 2 oz $4.00 8 oz $15.00.
Our Curl Souffle' is rich and creamy! Just what your thirsty curls need! It adds moisture and enhances your natural curl pattern. This product is best when applied to wet hair. Contains emulsified butters, almond oil, avocado oil, glycerin, hair pudding, and essential oils.

2 oz - $4.008 oz - $15.00

Gloss Effects Frizz Control 2 oz $4.00 8 oz $15.00.
This finishing products will give your hair that "WOW!" factor. It softens hair that has been hardened to the point of "Crunchy" by styling products and gives your hair "Eye Popping Gloss" without feeling heavy with oil. Tames frizzy ends and helps to prevent breakage due to dryness. Contains avocado oil, almond oil, shea oil, coconut oil, glycerin, and essential oils

Hair & Scalp Moisturizer 2 oz $5.00 8 oz $15.00
Oh My God! This feels so good on the scalp! It's like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day when your body feels so parched from the heat of the sun. It's as light and refreshing as an ice cold sorbet. Your scalp will be immediately replenished with moisture. Unlike most moisturizers, ours does not leave an unsightly residue on the hair or scalp. It is immediately absorbed. For young mothers who are too impatient for their children's hair to OBEY and are ready to resort to Texturizers, please try this product before permanently ruining your baby's hair!
Ingredients: emulsion of spring water, natural humectants, precious oils & fragrance oils

2 oz - $5.008 oz - $15.00

Hair Butter 2 oz $5.00 8 oz $15.00
The Hair & Scalp Moisturizer felt so good, I took it to another level! This product moisturizers and softens the hair leaving a silking texture and sheen you will not believe! It works well for twist. shingling, braiding and loc maintenance. Some customers who sport natural crowns use it to create spiral and corkscrew curls.
Ingredients: emulsion of water, natural humectants, precious oils, butters and fragrance oils

2 oz - $5.008 oz - $15.00

Whipped Shea Butter 12 oz $14.00
This winter has been very dry! I wanted to make a product that I could use from head to toe. This is it! I use this product to add moisture and oil to my scalp and hair, and moiturize my skin after I shower. I noticed that it softens the cuticles on my hands and feet as well as moisturize and soothe my tired feet. It is an "All In One Jar" of happiness! Try it and you will be astonished!
Ingredients: raw shea butter, borage oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam oil, glycerin, jasmine and gardenia fragrance oil

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