Summer Must Have - Spray Bottle

If you do not have a spray bottle, get one! It is one of the best investments you can make. It sounds so simple. I know. Spritzing the hair with water is the best way to refresh those curls. Its great for 2nd-day hair too.

What do you put in your spray bottle?

The spray bottle is used to rehydrate which revitalizes dull curls. Ideal for bed hair because misting allows you to shape, moisturize, and stretch hair without soaking or re wetting the whole head. Depending on the balm or emollient agent used in addition to your main component water, you can create your own special blend of moisturizing/protecting hair mist for little money. In addition to aqua you can use aloe vera, glycerin, oil and/or your favorite conditioner.

Spritzing is good for most natural styles including afros, curly puffs, braid/twist outs and etc. Its almost essential in the hot and humid summer months. The mist assist in smoothing fly aways. too for that perfect afro puff.

Specific amounts of each ingredient depends on 1.) the size of the bottle 2.) your hair needs 3.) desired style and 4.) your additional ingredients or combination of ingredients. Generally only a small amount is needed of moisturizing component. If you add too much of the secondary ingredient it can weigh your hair down and increase your drying time.
You try! Give me some feedback of your favorite spritz mixture.

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  1. You are soo right about the spray bottle. It is essential for natural hair

  2. I have a bottle but I'm going to try and find 2 bigger ones. Sometimes the ones from dollar stores don't even work!

    I'm trying lots of things in my sprays. Water, curl activator spray, and vegetable glycerine is what I'm using right now. I added the curl activator spray because it was too thick to spray undiluted and it left my hair looking white. I am going to add aloe vera gel in the future. I think I'll just throw in any gel or liquid product that I don't like and see if it works better in the spray. Then I won't have to throw them away.

  3. I have 2 spray bottles at the's part of my PJism.

    ONe is filled with water, veggie glycerin, and a few drops of peppermint oil. This is my 1st time using the combo of these products in summer so we will see how it goes.

    The other is water and ACV when I need to clarify after my deep condition.


  4. Water does improve the manageability hair for styling.

  5. when i began styling my own natural hair this was the first thing i learned would be truly essential. I can hardly style my hair without it.

    my spray bottle and clamps, and bobbypins are my hair's bestfriends

  6. This may actually be the reason why I feel my hair is a little dull and not as soft as it could be.....thanks.

  7. Can I use aloe, water & vegetable glycerine in a spray bottle on my coiled style (I'm not locking my hair, this is just my current style until my hair is long enough for 2-strand twist) & still maintain my style?

  8. At anonymous yes you can use it on coils in moderation so just spray a little on let dry bring manipulating

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