Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today begins the month of Breast Cancer Awarness Month. As you may or may not know I work for an non-profit named Sisters Network Inc. An African American Breast Cancer Survivorship Organization. Sisters Network Inc. is the only African American and survivor- run organization in the United States.
This month I would like to give tribute to all the beautiful survivors around the world. I will be sharing survivor stories as well as information about breast cancer and early detection/prevention.
The survivor stories are not just testaments of overcoming but hairspiriation stories. Hairspiriation?! Yes! Hair stories that inspire you to continue your hair journey with gratefulness. The stories describe breast cancer treatment and how it affected the woman. What I'm trying to convey is that hair isn't everything. For survivors chemo which causes hair loss, can be life or death. You can undergo chemo and lose your hair or opt out of chemo and possible lose your life. But these ladies continue there lives with a triumph spirit and zeal for life. Please enjoy.

Feedback is appreciated.

If you would like to share your breast cancer story email me:

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  1. I am very happy there are events like this ... women in the world may be more vigilant about
    breast cancer disease ...