I Rather Die than Lose My Hair

A story of Breast Cancer Chemotherapy and A woman’s Hair.

In regards to hair loss and breast cancer treatments, I was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED at the thought of losing my shoulder length hair. I had worn my hair relaxed, long and straight my entire life. I was a one month newlywed who was still beaming over my wedding pictures with a beautiful updo and now I was facing news that I would lose my eyebrows, eyelashes and glorious crown?
New growthFor weeks, I tried to come to terms with the treatment and I honestly thought that I could NOT live as a bald woman. I had decided on how I would inform my family that I chose not to undergo chemotherapy and that I would enjoy the quality of my life and see what happens. When my teenage daughter got wind of this, she told me bluntly that she would never forgive me if I didn't do chemotherapy and died. That is all I needed to hear.self_portrait
Within two weeks of my first chemo treatment, my pubic hair fell out. I found that to be a bit refreshing. But when my hairline started receding and my hair began to fall out in clumps, I knew that the hair loss was inevitable. One afternoon I drove to a salon and requested they shave my head. It was even hard for the Black stylists who kept asking me if I wanted a short "Halle Berry" style instead of shaving it. But I needed to shave it so I could move forward with the treatments bravely.
Once the deed was done, I didn't cry. I looked on the mirror and actually was taken back at how beautiful my head was! For sentimental reasons, I took the bag of hair home with me. I remember studying it and noticing how dead and unhealthy it looked. As I held the bag of hair in my hand, I thought about how silly it was for me to have passed up chemo treatments out of fear of losing what I knew would grow back.
I wore wigs mostly through treatment but there were days I opted for scarves and/or hats. When my hair began to grow back, I was amazed at how pretty and soft it was! It was like newborn baby hair and then when it turned curly, I felt so beautiful! I enjoyed swimming and being in the rain without worrying about "the hair." I actually received more compliments when my hair was short and natural.
Well I am a creature of habit. I have decided to grow my hair back long and relax it. For me, that is what works best and that is the hairstyle that I prefer. I did enjoy my time as a natural sista' and learned to appreciate our God given hair. Hair is what is on top of our head. Don't let it cloud what's inside your head...clear thinking.
Crystal Brown-Tatum, President
An Award-Winning Public Relations Consultant

Crystal Clear Communications


  1. Wow, thats something how we cling to our hair. And I love the honesty of it. Thanks for sharing

  2. This is my cousin and I am so happy to read her story, as I too was diagnosed with breast cancer and stressed over what was going to happen to my hair. Thanks cuz for sharing your story with us!!!

  3. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL with or without your hair! Be blessed!

  4. This is by far the most inspiring story I have read about the lengths we go to keep out hair. It's actually sad the way we hold on. Amazing that you let go, and Hope You are doing well. Thank you for posting this!

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. I am a cancer survivor as well. I offer continued good news for you and thanks again.

  6. wow,I enjoy my natural hair, but I guess it doesn't work for everyone.

  7. Hey thanks for sharing, just know that whenever you want to come back to us naturals, you are welcome. I also want you to know that your features are so beautiful and noticeable natural. Stay blessed.

  8. You have a really pretty face so even without hair you look really pretty :)

  9. Natural hairs are always looks good and we have so many hair loss remedies
    to maintain our hairs.

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