Yes You Can!!!

So when I first went natural, the response I got was it looks good... on you.

"I can't go natural"

"I can't go without perms"

"Its too hard"

"I won't look right"

All the negativity. The lack of confidence in ones self and their naturality. I'm a very positive person. So I say "Yes you can!"

Because 'You can do all things through Christ which strengthens you' Phil 4:13


  1. Preach! I definitely had some of those same concerns. It's so ironic that our natural hair state is often so foreign and frightening to us. But I'm loving life with natural hair. I had to transition my mind and eyes to embrace what society and even our own culture deemed ugly and negative for so many years. Blogs like yours helped me see what was physically possible and beautiful. I started getting natural hair envy ... "Oooh - I love her hair!" Then I started to learn (and continuing to learn btw) about the fundamentals of caring for natural hair. It empowered me to go for it. It's an emotional and liberating experience if you decide it's right for you.

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  3. Tori,
    I totally agree. Cutting my hair and seeing the natural me was so liberating. I was unsure of how I look but I didn't worry about it because it was me just how God made me. I appreciate all the positive feedback.

    Everyone is unique and you learn to embrace that fact with natural hair. Natural hair is like fingerprint no two have the exact same hair. God created it that way. So continue to learn and owe your individuality.

    I love your blog! I was LMAO and thinking its not just me...

  4. I have recently discovered this blog (I know right, where have I been? Under a rock?) and so intriguing and funny and real life. I feel you guys on the hate from other women at the job and more often than not BLACK females. I work with a predominantly Asian majority population (Japanese, Indians) and let me tell you when I first cut my hair nobody I still remember the only comment I got from from teh guy across from me who in his broken english said 'Your head is going be cold, be sure to wear a hat.' I BC'd in the winter. There are a few older women of color and only a few of them seemed somewhat supportive. This other sister has also bc'd and wore her hair lower than mine so I kind of clinged to her initially for support and share whatever tips and websites I discovered so we could journey together. Then he enthusiam about being natural seemed to wain and she would complain about her texture and dryness so I fell back. My biggest advocate and asst hair guru at work now is natively from Indian and is always hooking me up with hard to find ingredients for my concoctions (Fenugreek is the TRUTH!) I forge ahead in my journey despite the naysayers, but I wish sisters would cut it out.