The Green Monster

Its funny to me how your confidence can bring out the ugly 'Green Monster' in the insecure. Let me give you an example.

One Friday I decide to 'fro out' for work. So one of my co worker's response was something like "what's WRONG with your hair?". I really didn't think anything of it because its a typical response. I just said "I'm natural!" sarcastically. Everyone else loved my hair. I think its the confidence I exude when fro-ed out that's attractive.

This is the same girl who said "I can't go natural". "It looks good on you and you do so much with it." You don't realize how much your confidence can bring out others insecurity.

If you are confidence enough to wear your natural, understand that's a gift in itself.


  1. Oh MY GOD!!! The same exact thing happened to me. This chick at my work is always saying something about my hair-when (mind you) everyone else is always like "wow, your hair looks great", or "I love your natural hair", etc etc.
    So I said to her "It seems strange that you always find a need to comment on my hair. Is it because you secretly want me to give you tip?" She walked away without saying a word. She gets on my last nerve. LOL LOL LOL

  2. Skylark826,

    That's funny! I think I'm so use to it that I usually ignore it but this particular person was getting on my nerves. I wanted to go off on her and that mess on her head but I knew it was because she had low esteem. But that was a great come back. I know that shut her up.

  3. I get this also on my job (I've written about it in some posts), and sad to say, it's from a black woman...why hate the self so much?! Yet, she has about as much hair as a finger snap.

  4. You know, at first I thought I was trippin, because when I first started wearing my hair natural back in 2002, I wore it mostly in a Afro with different scarves, then I had this one chick secretly try to play me by saying, "Why don't you wear your hair in different styles", I basically had to cut her off because I realized that she was so insecure about her own hair. Every-other day she have a new home made weave style that basically made her look crazy half the time. I could not help it that I kept my hair looking nice and neat (At the time I was going to a barber to get my Fro trimmed) then the Fella's was hitting on me more, that made her very upset. But I say hey don't hate the Player, Hate the Game!!

  5. I think all of us who no longer (or never have) live the "lye" have experienced this. I also have a co-worker who consistently has some negative comment or look regarding my natural tresses. I find it quite hilarious though and amid her negativity, she got "afro hair" sewn, really?! You're paying for a artificial version the very style that "looks a mess" on me?

    Not my issue...I'll let you keep that one!

  6. I swear I know someone who hardly talks to me when I wear my magic fro... but I love it because she always seems to be in the perfect spot where she can witness the compliments!!! I guess every natural must have this person in their lives