The Perfect Wash n Go

You've seen my pictures. Now you try!

Here are some tips for the perfect wash n go. This technique works for all lengths and textures. Let me know how it turns out, forward pictures to:

Jump in the shower. Its just easier to manipulate the hair when its already falling in the direction you want it to or the direction it grows in. While in the shower, cleanse the hair as normal.

Apply your favorite conditioner from root to ends of hair. Detangle hair which also ensures that the conditioner is evenly distributed through the whole head. Leave in for about 5 mins and rinse conditioner partially with warm water then give it a cold shock with cool water. I usually apply a light conditioner like Suave Tropical Coconut as a leave in conditioner.

In this step you'll need hair accessories such hair clips to separate section of your head for medium to long hair. Before getting out the shower ring the excess water out. You can remove any dripping water with a cotton cloth (I use a t-shirt). Towels will only make the hair frizzy. Finger comb your favorite curl defining product. If your doing this in the morning before school or work choose a product that does the job but won't slow the drying time. My recommendations are Kinky Curly Custard and IC Fantasia Aloe Gel.

Finger comb the product of your choice through your whole head. Part or swoop the hair to the side if you desire. I usually just let it do what it do.

Now for the drying process if you don't care about shrinkage, let it air dry. But if you want to avoid shrinks or going outside with a soaked head either sit under a hood dryer or blow dry the hair with a diffuser. This sets the style so it stays the same for the rest of the day. The hair doesn't have to be completely dry. Depending on the length and fullest of your hair, dry time should be 10 - 40 mins. You can also gauge drying time with more practice of this technique.

After drying you can apply a small amount of glosser for shine and protection from the elements. Be careful not to disturb the curl pattern. I mist the hair with braid sheen just becauses or Eden Body Works Jojoba Hair Oil.

Now your done. I want to see how it turns out. And thanks for your compliments and support.


  1. Ok so I might just be the slowest person around... but i'm just realizing you posted a how-to for the wash n go... score! LOL

    I don't move back to LA until Sunday (i've been stuck--i mean studying-- in Spain for a while) and I've just about run out of good hair products... emphasis on *good* ... i dont wanna buy anymore until i get home... so unfortunately I can't try this wash n go method til then.... but when i do, i'll be sure to let you know how it worked out....

    again, thanks so much!! Hasta Luego!

  2. I've seen several posts in which naturals use Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner as a leave in. This is my favorite co-wash conditioner, but when I tried using it as a leave in, it leaves a white residue. What am I doing wrong?