Deep Condition

Deep conditioning for me consist of Hair Mayo and Olive Oil. But tonight I did something different that made a huge difference. I sat under a hood dryer for about 15-20 mins. I had such great results that I will be sure to include this process in my regular regimen.

I know some of you are thinking "well yeeahh, duh". I know, I know! But usually I just leave the deep conditioner in for about a hour sometimes all night covered with a plastic cap. I started my hair later than a wanted tonight but still wanted an intense conditioning so I decide on more concentrated heat. The results were a lot better and less time.


  1. yea i was thinking 'duh' lol, glad you discovered it!

  2. When you applied the hair mayo was it to wet or dry hair? Did you two strand twist it? I am still learning this whole natural process for my teen daughter who wants to be natural after hair loss due to perms and flat ironing at the beauty shop. Im just not understanding the do's and donts

  3. I started using a hooded dryer today :) I'm hoping to see some good results too!