Not So Happy Holiday!

I have mixed emotions this holiday season. I am grateful for all that God has blessed me with but due to the test and trials I have overcome this year; I realize that this will not be a happy holiday for everyone.

So for those who have experienced irreplaceable lost, I pray your strength. Lord, bless them with peace this Holiday season. And even though their emotion may not confirm the faith that they have in you continue to bless them with your ever renewing grace and mercy. For we know that our trial come to bring patience and perfect us so we may be more like Christ. Amen.

I dedicate this to my best friend who lost her mother. And my mother-in-law who lost her

Jesus is the reason for the season!!!


  1. May God bless your hearts and give you strength, as only He can do.
    I know first hand what you are feeling, I miss my daddy so much. Trust when I will get easier by and by.

    Happy Holidays