Washing Medium to Long Natural Hair-Video

Here’s a video from Naptural85 Washing Natural Hair: Updated Routine for Maintaining Natural Hair

This technique is great for thoroughly cleaning hair & scalp.  It also serves as a tutorial on how to detangle natural hair that is medium to long in length.   As Naptural85, states this is a tedious process modify it to fit both your hair type and lifestyle.  For my hair, I use this process during a co-wash and concentrate on massaging the scalp.   Also, I section my hair in 8 sections. Its easier for me to work with. The technique does make your curls pop.   You can really moisturize your hair effectively when sectioned which helps with curl definition.   Try it out and comment let me know how this works for you. 


  1. I am sooooo gonna try that! Looks so easy!

  2. Totally worked for me!but i start washing from the top front instead of the bottom back so the dirty water from the top of my hair doesn't get the bottom clean part dirty again when rinsing. :)

  3. This is very similar to what I eventual figured, trying to find the best way to wash my hair as its gotten longer. It is a tedious process but it's the best way I've found to wash and detangle long hair.

    I also start washing from the top front to back. I wash my hair in 4 sections, then divide into 8 sections when I get out the shower and style it.

    Adding conditioner before washing out the shampoo is something I will have to try.

  4. Such a very helpful video, I am going to bookmark this page and share it with my friends that has a medium hair like yours.

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  5. i do this!! but i try not to put shampoo in my hair, only on my scalp where its needed. that way it can travel down my hair

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