Dry Twist Out

Step by Step Tutorial of Dry Twist (with video)


Products and Use:

Curly Pudding- Styling Product

Water with Vegetable Glycerin and Olive Oil


A dry twist out is not very different from a wet or regular twist out.  The major difference is the hair is styled when the hair partial dry.  Water is need to stretch and detangle.  The water also help your product penetrate into the hair.   


You begin by parting the hair in to medium sized sections.  Once you have made your part, spray the loose hair with water.  I mix my water with olive oil and vegetable glycerin.  This mixture optimizes the moisturizing characteristics of water.  The vegetable glycerin helps in the detangling process by adding a little sleek making it easier for the comb to slide through hair. 


Run your fingers through your hair to ensure the hair is evenly saturated with water.  When the section is fully wet you can detangle the hair  by starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots. While detangling hold your hair close to the scalp to avoid unnecessary breakage.  Remember never comb natural hair dry, you will only torture yourself and break your hair. 

   DSC02348 DSC02353

After your hair is detangled, you can apply product by finger combing your favorite styling product from root to tips.  To eliminate frizz it is important to make sure your hair is covered with adequate amount of product.  For my length I used about a quarter size for each section. Finally, divide the hair into two strands and begin to twist. You will see the whole process in the video below.  Repeat this process until the whole head is plaited. 

I encourage sitting under a hooded dryer* until hair is completely dry.  If you don’t like the dryer sit under the dry for 30 mins to an hour to let the style set but still do not untwist hair until completely dry for best results (minimizes shrinkages and frizz). 

If you cover hair with a satin scarf and re-twist at night your hair should last 4 to 7 days. See post for retwisting

*Hood dryers dry natural hair with less concentrated compared to heat of a blow dryer.  Using a hood dryer will NOT damage natural hair when used in moderation.  I do not recommend daily use. 

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