Natural Hair Affirmations

201002-omag-oz-stress-meditate-300x205 As many of you know Tuesday, June 1st was Natural Hair Day on Twitter!  Here are some of my natural hair affirmation tweet by myself and  my fellow natural hair blogs.  The initiative was started by amazing loctician Camille Reed AKA NoireBoss1, and My Hairitage, to increase awareness and appreciation for natural hair.  If you’re on twitter you know we went in on the trendy topic #naturalhair.  You can follow us at





#naturalhair changes your perspective of beauty for the better!

    Nothins sexier than actually getting in the water at the beach or pool #naturalhair

      When I went or returned to natural I felt like there were no more chains binding me 

        my #naturalhair is healthy, free from chemical that starve it of its richness & stunts its growth

          free to define my own definition of beauty...its thick brown curly with kinks uncontrollable but still manageable & free #naturalhair

          When I went natural I no longer had to hide behind everyone else’s definition of beauty

          Being natural gave me a greater sense of ownership for my body as a whole #naturalhair

          Being natural taught me true stewardship of my body as a temple #naturalhair

          I went natural for me & gave others around me the courage to do the same #naturalhair

            No longer bound by the weather forecast #naturalhair

              Don't compare your #naturalhair by my #naturalhair...its like tryin to compare fingerprints

                In order to embrace your #naturalhair you must accept your unique self.


                Affirmation by others

                Our #naturalhair aint a fad, it's a revolution..changing views and ideals and making it know: #naturalhair is sexy!!

                I love how I'm more empowered to do my own hair and experiment with different styles! #naturalhair

                my #naturalhair is free!! I don't need a curling iron. And I can wash it whenever I want to! :D

                Relaxing my hair was MY choice. Being nappy was GOD'S CHOICE!! I think I'll roll with HIS choice :) #naturalhair

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