My Two Strand Twist Out

My Aunt in Law hipped me to washing my hair with two strand twist. Of course initially I thought this was CRAZY but I love the results so I gave it a try and I’ve been doing it ever since. You're hair will curl at the end of the twist. I'm curious to see how this looks on other natural so email your picture and description of how you achieve the style to Here’s a brief description.

I wore my hair in two- strand twist for about 1 week. This is just to give myself a little variety. I change my hair every week. I shampooed and conditioned just lather the scalp mostly. I rung out excess water, applied Giovanni Leave-In Conditioner, olive oil to the scalp and Shealoe from root to tip. I scrunched in a little Aloe Vera Gel. If your completely natural the ends of your hair will curl which prevents the hair from completely unraveling. If they do unravel you can simply retwist and allow to dry. I sit under a hooded dryer for about an hour and then tie my head up with a satin scarf. If hair is completely dry I proceed to unravel the twist for my "twist out". This should last another week or half a week.

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See pictures below.



  1. I am going to try this. this is nice!!!;^)

  2. very pretty. when you wash with the twists in, they don't unravel?

  3. It may unravel a little bit but for the most part it will curl at the ends if your completely natural.

  4. I like this look thanks!