Chunky French Braids

I was experimenting with something that was fairly quick and easy. My hair is finally at a point when I wear french braids. This was also a great way to stretch my hair. As you can see it look
semi straight. This look made me feel studious...
What I Did...
While co-washing I detangled my hair in the shower with a shower comb by taking my time and combing my hair to the back. Partly rinsed the conditioner out. Used my hands to ring out excess water. This time I decide to dry the hair by wrapping it with a cotton cloth. If you frequent the site you know I use a t-shirt. After about 3 minutes I removed the wrap and applied Giovanni Direct Leave In and a little Shealoe root to tip. Especially on the tips for prevent split ends. I parted the hair down the center and secure one side with an elastic ponytail holder or hair clips. I detangle the side I'm going to braid with my Denman Brush. When styling your hair always keep your spray bottle handy to keep the her damp. Damp natural hair is easier to style and it keeps the hair more flexible while minimizing breakage. Then begin to braid hair from front to back.


  1. I always find it so much easier to only rinse a little conditioner out, too. I'm still a little eh on the Giovanni Direct Leave-In. It's fine until I run out of it, but it doesn't feel very moisturizing after a day. Execellent for detangling wet hair, though.

    P.S. That hairstyle is so me in middle school! It is so cute. I still wear it sometimes:-D

  2. 原來這世上能跟你共同領略一個笑話的人竟如此難得........................................