Hairpiration-Vanessa Hill of Soulfruit

These talented Arizonians are a rare commodity, a new breed, and a breath of fresh air. Soulfruit is not a new kid on the block however. They’ve been in operation for seventeen years, delivering a strong message of hope and joy combined with impeccable harmonies and tight choreography. Hailing from Tucson, Soulfruit cultivated their priority for family, righteous conduct, and a prevailing love for others due to the group's members being family and close childhood friends. While transitioning members throughout the years, Soulfruit has gone from just memorizing songs and imitating other artists to establishing their own unique sound. Over the seventeen years of fusing gospel, R & B, and urban hip-hop, they have masterfully intertwined a distinctive sound and sight all their own. Soulfruit is quite comfortable flowing from Neo-soul, to R&B, to Gospel, to Country, to Acapella, or Rap, and even Jazz. Often while wearing stilettos, describing the awesome dancing of the youngest member vocalist/writer Vanessa Hill. Toby Hill, singer/songwriter/composer/producer, and only original member, reflects their post modern Christian lifestyle into musical presentations. His favorite instrument in accomplishing this feat of Godly principles into practical application is composer/vocalist Tyren Covington.


  1. Her hair is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Where did she get that awesome print dress???Oooh la la!