Erica F. HairStory

1. How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 14 months.

2. Why and how did you go natural? (Did you transition? What products and styles did you use?)

I went natural because I had a goal for healthy hair. I am a firm believer that Good Hair = Healthy Hair in whatever form you choose to do with it relax, texturize, wear it natural you name it. I had a relaxer for about 9 years of my life and my hair was damaged, thin, and balding in some spots. I wanted a change and my choices were either to cut my damaged hair or to go natural of course I the latter. I transitioned with Kinky twists, micro braids, and Senegalese twists for a year. Some products I used while transitioning were Boundless tresses growth serum (, Suave conditioner to wash my roots, and peppermint oil for my scalp. In between braids or twists I began cutting off my relaxed hair in order for my natural hair to grow faster. A year to the date of my last relaxer I cut off the rest of the relaxed ends and haven't put extensions in my hair since. I love my natural hair and will NEVER relax again!!!

3. How would you describe this experience?

The experience going natural is EMPOWERING! There is always a journey to get you to where you want to go and the experience its priceless. You begin to learn so much about yourself, your heritage why black women started to straighten their hair back in the day, the stigmas behind having "nappy" hair, and how much your hair doesn't define who you are. Your black is beautiful in any form and this journey to natural hair will teach you to embrace YOU!

4. What was others response to your naturality?

My family made jokes about me being "afrocentric" and trying to be Angela Davis, and they still make jokes to this day. During my transition they didn't believe I was going to go through with being natural until I cut my hair off and started to rock a fro. To be honest you shouldn't care about what others think, say or do about you being a natural beauty. IT IS YOUR HAIR and you are natural for you. Having the versatility to wear your hair curly, straight, up, down, in an afro, in twists, is priceless and you should dare to be different.



  1. I love seeing and hearing stories of ladies with a similar hair type to mine. very inspirational.

  2. She is really beautiful! I love her different hairstyles.


  3. This is a great story! It's so helpful to hear stories about people going natural, it gives me more of a drive to go natural as well. Thanks for your story and advice, it is much appreciated!