Disadvantages of Being Natural- Which Products to Use

Last week I posed the question "What are the disadvantages of being natural?". The fans of Natural Hair Rules Facebook page almost unanimously stated that there are few disadvantages but challenges. Many naturalistas struggle with finding the right products to fit their hair needs with the overwhelming amount of available hair care products. I too struggle with this. Here are some of my tips for identifying your individual hair care needs and to set you on the road of recovering as a product junkie.

Start With The Basics

I'm sure you've noticed the wonderful effect that water has on your hair. The key is to maintain the integrity of your wet hair, the optimal moisturized state. From here you will notice how much moisture is needed to maintain the health of your hair. Kinkier hair or hair with a small curl pattern is more porous and retain and needs more water than hair that is less curly and more wavy. For my science majors, you know this provides you with a control to base all your product experiments on.

Identify Needs

Your very basic natural hair regimen includes a cleanser, conditioner and moisturizer. This combination of products builds your foundation for the perfect do. Pay particular attention to ingredients, not just the claims of the product. Once you have found these basic products that optimize your wet hair; make observations. Do you notice tangles, breakage, frizz, unmanageable, dullness and/or dryness? What are you noticing about your hair that needs improvements? Now you can build on the regimen by adding a leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, hair oil and styling product to combat those observe challenges. Keep in mind these types of products are interchangeable and multifunctional. This is why it is important to know the products function. For example your conditioner can serve as your cleanse, leave-in conditioner in addition to conditioner. Everyone's hair is different so your regimen will vary.

Know the Products Function

This is one of the best ways to determine whether there's a need or not. What does the product claim to do? Do you have a product in your existing regimen that does the same thing? Does it have more than one use? Ask yourself these questions before for making a purchases.

I also want to bring to your attention. That every one of your products in your regimen should moisturizers. So consider products with a water base. Stay away from alcohols and cones. Know that oils are not moisturizers but they do seal in existing moisture. The best natural moisturizer is shea butter or coco butter.


  1. This is a good post and thanks. Are you suggesting the above be an ingredient in your products OR by themselves?

  2. baking soda and water can be used to cleanse hair.

  3. Great post! I just came across your blog and look forward to exploring it. Thanks for sharing

  4. loved the article. thanks so much.

  5. Great posts! Thanks! for great mosture and shine I will try my natural treatment when finished washed the hair (eggs, carrot juice (blended), and mayo) mixed them and leave in hair then shower cap for about 30mins. Then rinse out-it works for me :)