My Hair Stretching Method

The is a stretching method to minimize shrinkage of two strand twist and twist out. I usually do this at night. I gather all the twist and pull to the back. This pony tail is secured with an elastic ponytail holder. If I'm wear the twist for a week I stretch the first night and mid week. Its also a good way to conditioning the scalp with your fav leave-in conditioner spray or my personal fav African Royale Braid Sheen or water with vegetable glycerin. It looks a little crazy when you first take the band off just give it a few minutes and the hair will settle. You won't even be able to tell. I usually pull the band out first thing in the morning. Try double or multiple sections when experimenting to assist in trying different pin up/up do styles. For example, divide twist in two section for a pin up in the front with back down.

I was being silly in this picture. But you get the idea!


  1. lmaooo@ ur tongue. cute hair

  2. My dear you are absolutely gorgeous! Love your hair. Look forward to your tips. Be Blessed!