I'm Protective Styling!

(My lil sis, Veronica and me)

I'm wearing two strand twist as my choice of protective styling. My goal is to promote the growth of my hair by maintaining moisture scalp and root to tip. In the pictures above it the two strand twist and two strand twist twist out, in respective order. Updates later.


  1. Cute. I'm going to start wearing my protective styles for a while to give my hair a much needed rest.

  2. It looks great. Your friend's hair looks amazing also.

  3. ever since i got your email addie that day we left the library i have been stalking your blog

    i am sooo calling you when i take out these twists

    i'm loving this
    even tho i never leave comments, your blog is an inspiration

  4. Your twists look great. I've been wearing box-braids as a protective styles for the past few months - seeing your twists makes me want to take my braids out :o)

  5. Both Pictures are BANGIN! Love the Twists, mine never come out that defined..jezz!

    Love it!