Curly Puff

How to define curls and do a curly puff. This is a before and after of my signature hair style. There are different methods to defining your curls which include fingerstyling, brushing with the Denmen brush or shake n go. This particular day I did a shake n go/wash n go. I posted this how to called "Curl Definition" with an instructional hair rules video. I usually do this at night with the curly puff because its pulled back so I'm not laying on my curls. This give me a cute hair style for the week. I refresh with braid sheen or a light moisturizer.

When pulling the hair back in the puff only brush to about where you want the curly pony positioned. Don't brush to the ends you will disturb your defined curls. Apply your favorite styling product. I prefer IC Fantasia Gel. Different accessories are use to secure the puff such as ribbons or knee highs but I prefer to use a elastic headband. See link here Goody's Headband. These headbands are do not pull or snag the hair which prevents breakage. Pull headband down to neck area. Twist band into a finger 8 pull back over head and bring back down to neck area. Then carefully roll up hair line to secure curly puff in desired position. By rolling the headband up you are smoothing some of the edges. Brush with medium brush if needed.


  1. Very nice - I can't wait until my puff grows out like yours :o)

  2. Thanks, Pam!

    Laquita, thanks and it doesn't take long for it to grow.

    Dasia, thanks! I'm sure your hair is pretty too.