Hair Envy


79777938 Do you have hair envy? You absolutely love your natural hair but you often wish or are impatient with the texture and/or length of your hair? You regularly make statements such as "I wish my hair was that long” or “Why can’t my hair do that?”. It’s okay we’re all guilty at some time or another. Generally, you find yourself experiencing hair envy during times when you’re out of your hair comfort zone. For example, during my transition process I so wanted my natural hair to be more wavy so it would be easy to manage more similar to the relaxed texture that I was used to. This also began the transition out of my hair comfort zone into the hair envy zone. Then I big chopped and was completely out of my comfort zone and had to quickly learn how to care for my natural texture. Even within my natural texture I still had some relaxed hair and hair that was more wavy than curly which proved to be a challenge for me. For almost two decades I had only styled and maintained relaxed hair which is typically one texture. After becoming completely natural I had to learn three to four textures simultaneously. *sigh* Talk about hair envy!!! I wish my hair was like my friend who had what I thought was the perfect texture.

The second most common phase where many women experience hair envy is when you’re “torn”. My hair isn’t short but it isn’t long either. I want to cut it because I know how to do my hair at the shorter length but I really can’t wait until my hair gets longer. Sound familiar to anyone?! I remember this phase very well. Sometimes with natural hair it’s hard to see your hair growth but believe me its growing. And really fast too! It is always my recommendation to learn your hair as it grows. It’s easier to experiment with products, styles and techniques at the shorter lengths. When your hair is finally bra strap length, you already know what works and what doesn’t. When you transition long term with braids or weaves you’re trying to tame the lion of the jungle versus a mere kitten figuratively if you big chop. I like to think of it this way, your hair is you crown and with a great crown comes great responsibility.

Maybe you are a long-term transitioner so the first two phases don’t really apply to you. The big chop is not for everyone but there are some possible risks associated with not taking that leap into your natural journey. As a long-term transitioner, you have made this decision because you’re afraid to step out of your hair comfort zone. And that’s ok. We are glad you have decided to discontinue the use of chemical straighteners. Let me encourage you not to be afraid of what you will look like, what people will think or how your hair will act…the unfamiliar is scary…remember a similar situation where you entered uncharted territory and were successful, recall this experience when feeling anxious about trying a new style in your hair. This advice goes for everyone.

For all naturalista, focus on your hair positives. If it’s short your prep time is shorter. If its long you have the advantage of pulling your hair back. For those in the in between stage you’re in a great place because your half way to your hair goal. You can still wear the same hairstyles incorporate some cute hair clips and other accessories to add more versatility to your hair. The main thing to remember is that your hair is unique to you just like your fingerprint.

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  1. Yes I know most of those phrases. But right now I am at a stand-still. I haven't see growth in over 8 months but I have less breakage in the last 6 months than I ever had in my whole life working with my hair. I was even vert proud of myself until I decided to do measure of my hair and was surprised to have no growth at all since I last measured over 8 months ago. I honestly have been doing all the right things (I trimmed about 1/2"-3/4" 4 months ago, detangle delicately when needed, low manipulation hair styles, etc). Still not even an inch growth (average growth is estimated at 1/2 and inch per month) I was hopping for at least 3 inches which would be 1 inch below the 4 inches to be expected. But the fact I can't get any growth in that time with less than quarter size ball of lost hair (which is mostly hair at the end of it cycle versus broken, yes I look for the bulbs at the end) per week from wash, combing, and styling (that includes whats in the hair catcher in the tub).

    I am seriously having hair envy. I want growth!! damn it. I guess you cant stay positive if all your positive contribution bares no fruit.