What Men Say About Natural Hair

BLP0075731_P What are men saying about natural hair? Here are some of the responses I got from Facebook and Twitter. Let me know what you think.

From a Male Perspective

Andrew B. “I really dig natural hair styles...always have. ...especially when it's kept up and maintained. What a lot of people fail to realize is that there are still various styles to choose from with the natural look. That's one of the main factors I think that steers many women away from it [lack of versatility].”

“Well, just to piggy back off what I stated previously...having many options of styling is an intriguing factor to me. It really fascinates me to see what all can be done with natural hair, and I'm sure that I haven't seen it all. Plus, I just like to see my black women doing what they do and look good doing it while representing our ''natural'' heritage at the same time-not to discredit my sistas who still relax their hair. Don't get me wrong...the are some relaxed styles that I do like just as well as natural styles than I don't like.”

Jason L. “I love natural hair..because a woman wont get upset if her hair gets 2 wet in the pool or in the bedroom..lol =-)”

Brandon M. “I personally love women with natural hair. To me, it shows that you accept who you are and know your own sexiness. I don't like weave because whenever I run my fingers through your hair, it always gets caught on some pin or lace or something. Then again, most of the women in my family have their natural hair. Weave/wigs are uncommon. Don't let people discourage you from having natural hair. They can say its a hassle all they want, cuz when somebody pulls theirs off, they got to scramble to put it back on!!!!!”

Justin W. “I have to say as a white skinned brother all natural is the way to go, when I see sistas spendin hundreds of dollars to have the plastic pile high hair, I wince. They need to learn that what God gave us is how we are supposed to look. I just find hair I can touch better than hair I have to worry about. That goes for brown or peach women.”

Don D. “i used to date a mixed girl who would "relax" her hair once a week. and she stopped doing that and her hair has looked amazing ever since. i love natural hair. ♥ it =)”

“nuthin but love for you for giving nothing but love to us for loving what should be loved in the first place.. ONE ♥ haa”

Richard T. “I know I've limited myself but I can only date a sista with natural hair. Its a true sign of her being truly comfortable with herself and her natural beauty and self. An affirmation that societal norms are to be ignored and fought against. One!”

Edmond B. “It's great to see my sisters rocking that natural hair..I realize how hard it is for some to go natural or nappy here in Atlanta..AKA the weave and shaved head capital of the south! Be who you want to be..I'll still love you..But love yourself 1st!”

Terrance F. “I wish all black woman would wear their hair the way God intended them to, but I'm a dreamer, lol.”

Andrew D. “Not every female looks good with it....I would prefer her with the perm if that's how I knew her....but if I had already met her natural than I don't have anything to compare it to.”

Jonathan N. “Some females are able to wear their hair natural and still look good. I'm used to a woman having their hair done and everything so personally I only like the natural look on certain woman.”

Rodney T. “Depends on if its naturally grown or naturally brought!”

Ernest T. “I’m not a fan…Physically, just least attracted to natural hair”

Corey B. “It depends on the person. If you can keep it tight and not let it get out of hand, I'm all for it. Some women can rock natural and some can't.”

Gary S. “i hate it. unless your hair naturally looks like Beyonce”

More Facebook and Twitter Response

Apple J. “LOVE IT!!!”
Michael L. “It's not for everybody...but you never know until you try it...”
Chad H. “Its easier to pull without risky getting fussed at and being charge for the new sew in”
Dale G. “Like it”
Michael W. “I prefer it to weave and perms.” “This Black guy does. I HATE weave and I HATE perms.”
Ben T. “This white guy is TOTALLY feeling it. Nothing is sexier than a chocolate goddess and her afro.”





  1. It's great to know that a lot of men actually appreciate what we natural sistas rock on a daily basis! I need one of them! =]

  2. Great responses! It's interesting that a few stated that "it's not for everyone".

    Well, if your hair is naturally nappy, then it is for you, because that's how God made you.

    Like everything else that pertains to style, each woman has to find the natural hairstyles that work best with her facial features, body proportions, personality, etc.

  3. I enjoyed reading the responses. It was refreshing to see men who were accepting of natural hair. It seems that most men I run into are the opposite. They prefer straight and long hair, even if the length is obtained by weave. I find that a lot of people still buy into the eurocentric standards of beauty. I only had ONE boyfriend who preferred natural hair and I've had a decent amount of boyfriend's lol! Natural sistas just have to find that one who accepts her and her hair for what she is.

  4. The comments are good, yet interesting. Love the comments on "keeping it up or tight and not out of control"...lol...very interesting.

    good posts

  5. this was a great post. it is good to see that some men do appreciate natural hair. i know in my environment, natural hair is over looked, weaves is the "norm" smh

  6. Natural Hair Rules ( Tamara ) has raised a very important question. I think that that there is a much larger number of black men who are attracted to girls with ’straight’ hair society has taught them that Natural is Nappy and Nappy is ugly and undignified. Now there is nothing with wanting to appeal to men. Women like to look physically attractive to men, it’s natural (and vice versa). I love a woman natural hair because it is like her finger print it is hers no one else has her prints . Any man who cannot see the beauty of natural hair is missing the big picture my opinion. ( Side bar what made Black women straighten there hair to begin with…. Think about it ??) I don’t apportion blame onto women because so much of the female identity is still wrapped up in the patriarchy that controls the majority of societies in the world. I think  natural hair is beautiful because to me, it is blackness personified before manipulation. It is a shame some black men could not see the beauty of natural hair. I enjoy a woman who is confident in herself. For example my wife Tamara is wearing natural hair and even no make up and still look dynamically gorgeous . Her non-conforming appearance seems to point to the fact that this particular woman is not swayed by the superficial facades of societies standard of what a beautiful black woman is. Because Natural is beautiful. This does not mean, however, that women who have perms and/or weave are shallow or lost or not real . It just seems to simply that they are less likely to reject the "medias" standards of beauty. I won't say that one is better than the other...just that being confident in your own skin is attractive...regardless of which package it comes in.

    Stay Black Stay Beautiful

    Benjamin Floyd
    Husband of natural and dynamically gorgeous woman.

  7. wow..I see some of the men saying they hate natural hair and only some people can rock it and some prefer perms


    some women say it too so hey..hopefully they'll let old ideals go

  8. from talking to my husband and my dad (i'm natural, my mom is transitioning and my nana is natural...3 generations!) I think men just want their wives to look put together. Let's be real we can look ruff or put together natural or relaxed.

    I just love the feel of my natural hair and being able to be active and not worried about sweating my curl out, my curl is permanent now! lol

  9. Amazing how some brothers do not have a clue about our hair. As if Beyonce's hair is natural.

  10. i've been natural for the last seventeen years. i've worn my hair clippered, braided,locked etc. now don't get me wrong, while i love my natural hair,i get tired of the same old looks. i'm a prof. cosmetologist and i like to change my style a lot. i wear wigs and weave from time to time now just to change things up. to me, extention are an additive to my wardrobe. it's fun hair. i guess what i'm trying to say is, my hair isn't the end all, and be all of me. i'm fully present and clear about who i am. and i am not my hair. it too will pass away just as my body. maintaining a free spirit thru it all is more important. we tend to get fixated on ideals and stuck on images, becoming slaves to a certain look. it's ok to be whom ever it is you want to be for the moment, and not compromise the glory of your inner crown.

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  12. My two older brothers have been really supportive of my transition to natural hair. It has been really appreciated because my mother is not fond of my natural hair at all.After viewing "Good Hair" my brothers made me promise never to relax my hair. It was difficult in the beginning because I had no clue what to do to my hair. I had many rough looking days. Once I did some research I found styles that suited me. My friends at college have seen my wear my hair and about every style ( I am always changing it) and one of them said they though my natural hair suited me the best. I personally love my hair and will not revert back to relaxers anytime soon.

  13. You know what I think about women who wear wigs? I think they're awesome! There's just something about their fake hair that make them look young and full of energy. It must be the shine of the hair strands or the different styles that can go with each wig. I don't really know, ha ha. What I know is that those women should continue wearing wigs forever!