My Life as a Hair Model

_DSC4928I had the opportunity to be featured on four local television segments as a Hair Rules model.  Last week, Dickey, Founder of Hair Rules came to Houston on a media tour to introduce his new line of Blow Out products. My first day as a hair model was a taping of ABC’s Mirror, Mirror where I experienced Blow Out Your Kinks.  My birthday was Nov. 12th.  This is usually around the time that I get my once a year blow out so we were right on target.  Surprisedly, it didn’t take the 2 plus hours I thought it would take to straighten my curls.  I realized that my hair was in dire need of a proper trim. But we’ll talk about that in another post.  All four textures of the hair spectrum were represented straight, wavy, curly and kinky.  I was the kinky model (haha, that’s funny).  Dickey believes in a taking texture-specific approach rather than an ethnic-specific approach in catering to individual hair needs.  In the slideshow below you can see the transformation between the before and after.

Below are some behind the scenes photos. 

Day 2 of my t.v. adventure started bright and early for a 7 a.m. live taping of Fox Houston.  First, my straight natural hair got a much needed trim.  Then Dickey styled my hair in a wash and wear with Hair Rules Curly Whip.  The trim along with this product made a huge difference in the look of my wash and go.  I love the movement and softness of my curls.  
The next taping was for CW39 Mia Gradney Show.  There were two segments the first one was a texture lesson.   Dickey described hair textures and their specific needs.  The second segment was holiday hairstyles.  To achieve a fuller wash n wear look, he used a blow dryer with a nozzle attach to stretch out the roots of the hair.  From there it was easier to pin my curls into nice festive updos. 
In the pictures, you’ll see Dickey teaching me some different techniques with hair pins.  I learned so much the last couple of days as well as much of my current knowledge was reinforced.  It was such an honor to have a celebrity stylist style my hair. 


  1. Very pretty and the Hair Rules line seemed to really work for you. I've never heard of this product line, but from looking at the mass list of ingredients in the product I'm scared of letting them touch my curls.

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