My Natural Hair Journey Thus Far!!!

Celebrating 4 years of Natural Hair Rules!!!

When I decided to go natural four years ago, my decision was partially based on a few different reasons; financial, self-discover, need for change and indifference. Financially, why pay the money it cost every six weeks or so for a relaxer. I questioned whether or not it made sense money-wise. Once I annualized the cost, I made my decision that the cost was frivolous and unnecessary.

“Beauty is character and spirit.”

Self-discover. I began to question who I was as an individual. I knew by this point in my life who I wanted to be. I felt I was living up to other expectations of me. But at the end of the day, I have to live with me. Not only that but I have to answer for all my choices. I thought if I stripped off the artificial ingredients that comprised the recipe that was me; I could undoubtly, much clear define me. I didn’t want to only be identified by my physical appearance. I needed to be free to define, myself. My own beauty. I was Tamara, with the long pretty hair. Beauty is more than hair texture, length or skin complexion. Beauty is character and spirit. I questioned whether or not cutting the chemically straighten hair off would change who I was or how I was perceived.

With self-discover, It is my firm belief that change should follow. And for me, I was ready. I felt it was needed. And needed in a way that was vital for one’s rites of passage. I knew if I want to see myself in a new light, I had to strip. Not physically by spiritually. I really can’t describe how my physical transformation resulted in a spiritually manifestation through my natural hair journey. But anyone who has completed the process can attest. Going natural is a spiritual journey!

Lastly, I just didn’t care anymore. I was completely indifferent to other’s opinions and almost completely oblivious to societal norms. I felt I owed it to myself to give me to me and no one else. I didn’t owe anyone and no one owns me.

Having natural hair for four years, I can say I’m thankful for my God-given “crown of glory” but I’m still getting to know her. Our relationship at time is still love-hate. But after four years she knows if she acts to crazy, I will CUT her.

For years after going natural, my hair is longer and healthy than before. I have a highly success blog. Ranked number one natural hair/beauty blog in Texas and number two Beauty Blog. I never would have imagined something so simple would touch so many. I’m celebrating my 4th Nappiversary but I’m also celebrating my following. You have sowed into me so richly. Thank you. I can only do what I do because you support me. This is just the beginning of our journey together. Thank you. (Seen below are years 1-4 of my natural hair)




  1. It is truly freeing oneself; not on naturally, but spiritually. I'm happy for you and your successes and pray where ever you go in life, you will always take CHRIST with you. Let HIM be your guide. From one Queen to another, Be Blessed.

    ~Lady Z

  2. Having a beautiful and natural hair is what most women want to achieve. Good thing that you are able to achieve that natural but stunningly beautiful hair.