Family and Natural Hair


About a year ago, newly natural Kourtney Michele sent me a message requesting advice. She had encounter what many of us who have made the decision to go natural encounter; friends and family members reinforce some of societies negative stereotypes.  I believe these stereotypes, myths or misconception at one time possessed some validity but not in this day and time.  Believe it or not your family wants what is best for you and will past on information that they have learned and grown to accept.  When it comes to criticism of natural hair it usually comes from a place of uncertainty or misinformation. And dare I say it low self-esteem.  Many critics will follow their negative comments with  “I can’t do it” referring to refraining from the “white lye”.  To anyone who is experiencing this right now, continue to be encouraged and find positive influences to guide you on this journey.  Here’s Kourtney’s question:


Kourtney & I at a Houston Natural Hair Meet-Up.
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Hey, I recently went natural I really enjoy it I love my new found self confidence and everything that comes with being natural. However my parents, especially my dad disagree with my decision. They feel like my "hair" will effect me when I enter the corporate world. I love my parents with all my heart, but I did this because I wanted to. Did you deal with anything like this with your family?

I believe this question has common place with our community.  There was a time were teeny weeny afros, two strand twist, locs and braids were taboo in the work place.  But many natural women can confirm quite the contrary today.  In response to her question:


My family was seriously questioning my sanity when I big chop. They were negative because all they knew was long relaxed hair as a standard of beauty. Sometimes it takes fam a little longer to embrace naturality and sometimes they never do. It is not responsibility to convince them. It is your responsibility to do what you are doing and love the natural you.
The “natural hair is not acceptable in corporate America” myth is no longer relevant to this time. I wouldn't suggest interviewing with a huge black panther fro but as long as your comfortable with your hair, do you and let your resume speak for you.


Early this year I teamed up with a fellow blogger to interview several natural ladies in corporate America to get their take on the subject.  You can view their stories as well as their professional natural hair styles here.


  1. I have been natural for over a year (transitioning)now, and my mother still asks me if I'm going to get a relaxer. All I can say is what is the difference between my tight coiled hair pulled back and someone of another ethnicity with tightly curled natural hair. Whenever I pose that question to anyone against natural hair they never have a response. I've been on plenty of interviews with presses, curly and twisted hair. No one outside of our race has a problem with our hair. I know plenty of professional women who have natural hair and they a principals, gov't facilitators, doctorate professors, etc. Don't worry about what others say, do what's best for your hair and your self estem.

  2. Actually, Yes!
    I have the same problem... MY family does not support my Big Chop! I can tell because they NEVER comment on it. They just stare at it; because it is unfamiliar to them. They are strting to warm up to my natural hair now though. I even convinced my two younger sisters to consider going natural. They are starting to see that I still look beautiful and I'm still the same person, but more confident and happy than I was before. When I tell my associates they always come back with "I just can't do that!" and I just stare at them because they are very ignorant. So, I just don't care what they think or how they feel about my hair because I feel GREAT!

  3. i just hate the comments like

    " your hair DONE?"

  4. I think we all have experienced this is some form or fashion. But at the end of the day if nappy makes you happy, then screw what eveyone else has to say! Our families may never understand our choice to become natural, but as long as we stand behind what we believe then their approval doesn't matter! Be blessed ladies &keep rocking ya nappy!