Natural Beauty Tamara Floyd

Hey Ya'll!
Thanks to Karen, I have been featured on Celebrating the Beauty of Natural Hair. Check it out: Natural Hair Beauty


  1. Congrats! I also left a comment on her blog :o)

  2. What happened to the old site layout? There's too much ads on this one.

  3. Your hair is really beautiful. I am the picture on the right(wearing the red top) is you hair 2-strand twisted? That looks so beautiful.
    I love this site, I have been natural for about 8 years and I am still learning how to style and grow my hair...its doing pretty well but I love to find sites like yours to give me ideas and lead me to more natural products for my hair.
    My ultimate goal is to only have to use a few products (would be a miracle to just have to use one like oil and water, lol, i know im in la-la land) and for them to be all natural...
    Anyways, thanks for all your interesting and wonderful insights.