Did you have a natural hair question?


got a BIG question for you about my hair.

Soooo.... I went natural over a year ago, and so is getting better as I enter the 2nd year, but I messed up badly. I got my hair braided and weaved with the exception of the very top front of my hair where I wanted the girl to weave in my bangs like my beautician always did for me.

The young girl (My sister's friend, she is 17 and just getting into the midst of doing hair) told me that she didn't know how to sew in bangs, so she parted my hair and glued in my bangs...fortunately, my hair no longer takes to glue, so my sweat and curly roots made it come out in less than three days...but, I didn't have any money on me to go to my beautician to help me put in my bangs, so I began to manage my open and exposed natural hair with my home products. I normally use a protective chrome iron on my hair, but my sister took that one to I used the regular metal plug in iron on my hair to curl my bangs...several times....and when one of the braids came loose on my weave a few weeks ago to the bottom left side of my hair, my sweat from working out got on it and tried to braid it back now...when I took my weave and braids out...I washed my hair... and I noticed these two big and tall patches of long hair that would not curl back at all (Looks like I used a perm or something on two different parts of my hair, LOL)! Of course the simple solution is to cut it and blend in my curly roots with the rest of my hair...but my hair in thoes sections are pressed out so close to the roots that cutting both patches of fried hair will result in a very hetic hair situation for me. So I am wondering if I need to keep my hair braided up completely for the next few months, and then cut off the dead hair..or what? Let me know what you think I should do...for now, I am chilling with my wig until get to the hair shop later this month. Thanks honey! Peace!!!


No more amateurs in your head. Ok?!

Well, I think you have learned a very valuable lesson in regards to how sensitive and fragile natural hair really is.

You are doing the right things as far as wearing a wig when you go out but I'm sure you know its not a good idea to workout with a wig on your head. We don't even want to talk about the bacteria, dirt and sweat that are growing and festering under there. Its a breeding grow for diaster. Just bad for business.

So for the straight pieces of natural hair, sometimes with time and nourishing product the hair will repair itself as it grows out. But until then, since you work out often I suggest transitional styles that mask the straighter texture of hair. These styles include roller sets, straw sets, two strand twist and/or braids. Two strand twists and braids provide more versatility and longvity. When you do these styles you can were them as is and then in the middle of the week take them down and you have a brand new style. You can always twist the front into a design and have the back in braids or twist and take them down towards the end of the week.

Be careful with braids or kinky twist with hair extensions. Sometimes the tightness and the friction of the extension can break your natural hair. Also, be mindful of your hair products such as shampoos. The harsh detergents in shampoos can sometimes make straight hair straighter. As your hair recovers try the "NO POO" method.


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